I want that trophy, so dance good.

John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Christopher Walken, a cameo by Steve Buscemi…

How can you not love Pulp Fiction? Quentin Tarantino’s pastiche masterpiece is fronted by an all-star male cast, but Uma Thurman’s character Mia Wallace takes the cake in the fashion department during the famous dance scene at Jack Rabbit Slim’s.Check out that crisp white button down shirt! She adds in black crop pants and gold loafers, with a black velvet blazer to top it off. A very classic look. I’m a huge fan of this style- I practically live in my men’s white button-down shirt, and when I wear pants (which I rarely do), I tend to prefer a cropped style.

Button Down Boyfriend Blouse ($72, MM Couture), Slim Crop Pants ($50, Gap), Distressed Metallic Gold Penny Loafer ($136, Rebecca Minkoff), Gilded Herringbone Toms ($54, Toms Shoes), Velvet Blazer ($335, D&G)

You most likely have a white collared shirt and pair of cropped pants in your closet (Gap is my denim/pants retailer of choice!), but gold loafers? Probably not. Still, I would consider loafers to be a worthwhile investment given the recent popularity of masculine shoe styles for women. If you’re still not ready for that risk, you can’t go wrong with gold herringbone Toms (absurdly comfortable and for a good cause). Mia’s velvet jacket – and this D&G velvet blazer – are too die for, but a nice trench coat would also do the trick.

Get dancing, lay off the cocaine, and PLEASE watch Pulp Fiction.



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