This, Madame, is Versailles.

Nerd alert: I’m a huge history buff.

It all started in the third grade when I read a book about Elizabeth I and realized how awesome old things were. The Babysitters Club series just didn’t cut it anymore, and I immediately began picking up these really dense nonfiction books that 9-year-olds probably shouldn’t read. I became particularly fond of the French Revolution, mainly due to an (in)famous little lady named Marie Antoinette. Her life, and the extravagance of the French Court, fascinated me, and I loved the tedious details of their everyday lives- especially the clothes. I mean, corsets, hoop skirts, and hair three feet high? Yes, please. I was all about it.

Eleven years later, I still I am. I mean have you seen Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette? That film is like porn to the fashion section of my brain. And while skirts five feet wide are not really in right now (wait, so my huge princess prom dress wasn’t a good decision?) and the big hair is better left to the Jersey Shore girls, there is definitely some good fashion etiquette to be learned from Kirsten Dunst and the rest of the French Court in Marie Antoinette.

Rolling Meadows Dress ($80, ModCloth)

Embrace your femininity. Ah, the all-mighty floral dress. Florals are a staple throughout the film, and there is no better way to feel like a princess than some pastels and ruffles.

"Annie" Tulle Ruffle Dress ($398, BCBCMAXAZRIA), Skinny Burgundy Suede Belt ($34)

Don’t be afraid of color. Kirsten Dunst’s dress is a rather neutral color, but the burgundy belt adds a little something extra. This gray BCBG dress has a lot going on in the ruffles department, but a simple belt in a jewel tone makes it more interesting.

Make a statement. When Marie Antoinette and her husband Louis snuck into Paris for a masquerade ball, she turned heads with an all black ensemble that was anything but basic. Pay homage to the Queen of France with the voluminous skirt, but add a sequin blazer to up the ante.

Floppy Straw Hat ($20, Nordstrom), Cotton Off-the-Shoulder Dress ($34, ASOS), One with Nature Dress ($105, ModCloth)

Or keep it simple. Whether it’s a hippie maxi dress, or a light cotton beach dress, nothing is more easygoing than a basic white dress. Marie Antoinette embraced this mentality when she took time away from the court to relax in her chateau, and you should embrace it too. Throw on a floppy straw hat for an even more carefree look.

Clockwise from top: Purple Suede Gold Block Heel Shoes ($100), Pink Heart Outline Heeled Ballet Pumps ($24), Mustard Suede Slipper Loafers ($100), Green Suede Almond Toe Court Shoes ($110) - All from Topshop

COLOR. Remember what I said about color earlier? Embrace it all the way down to your toes. I’m on a Topshop binge right now, and they have a ton of shoes in pretty pastels that the ladies of the French Court would simple die over.

Isn’t history fun? And pretty? This is just a preview of the gorgeousness in this film which, by the way, won the Oscar for Costume Design in 2007. Haven’t seen it yet? I’m not saying I’m mad, buuuuuuut it’s in my top five favorites, so it’s kind of required now. It’s summer, so consider watching Marie Antoinette to be a semi-accurate history lesson and a completely accurate fashion lesson.