How very.

Before Mean Girls… before Clueless… there was…

HeathersThe original mean girls.

Now if you haven’t seen the movie, you are REQUIRED to after this post. It’s an incredible dark comedy with Winona Ryder (pre-shoplifting days) and Christian Slater. It focuses on Veronica, who hangs out with the three most popular girls in school (all named Heather) despite the fact that she hates them. Once she gets involved with JD, the new outsider in school, she unintentionally finds herself tangled in the murders of these girls and others, covering them up as suicides. Sounds hilarious, right? (No I swear it is!)

This film was shot in 1988 during the peak of 80s fashion- which is pretty obvious considering the shoulder pads on those ginormous blazers. Now, this isn’t a look I would try to pull in 2011 (please tell me you feel the same way), but we can definitely use it for inspiration to create our own Heathers-inspired outfit.

Scalloped Chiffon Blouse ($59, Urban Outfitters), Lily Skirt ($100, Need Supply Co.), White Earrings ($10, ModCloth), Boyfriend-style Jacket ($21, H&M), Black Leather Loafers ($89, Nordstrom)

I can work with this. The blazer is a boyfriend style so it’s neither too loose fitting nor too businessy, and the color is incredibly versatile (I have a similar blush-colored blazer, and I wear it so much). I also adore the contrast between the scalloped edges of the blouse and the stripes of the skirt. They are reminiscent of those worn by the Heathers, but I can assure you that with the sheerness of the blouse and the shorter length of the skirt you won’t look frumpy. Loafers and big earrings (so 80s!) finish the look.

As Heather (wait, but which one?) says, “Bulimia’s so 87,” but the fashion in Heathers is so ’88. Check it out!