It’s love… It’s not Santa Claus.

I have a present for you all. 

A GRATUITOUS PICTURE OF JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT. Yeah, you’re all welcome for this. JGL is probably my future husband, so it’s the least I could do… But really, the focus of today’s post is going to be on that lovely lady he’s smiling at: Zooey Deschanel in the 2009 film 500 Days of Summer.

Zooey Deschanel’s character Summer has an exceptional sense of style and mixes vintage and modern pieces together effortlessly. Every time I watch the film, I want to steal her wardrobe. So, let’s do this.

Blue Isthmus Dress ($50, ModCloth), Cream Patent Bow Belt ($28, Topshop)

Summer’s shirtdress has great details- and is most likely real vintage. However, ModCloth has a ton of vintage inspired dresses, and I found this one to be similar with its short sleeves and collar. The bow headband feels a tad bit too young to me, so finish it off with a bow belt instead. This look works now for now and can transition into cooler weather with some tights underneath.

White Tank ($20, Banana Republic), Whiskey Loafers ($70, BC Footwear), Dark Brown Belt ($34, 7 Hills Vintage Denim), Flared Skirt, ($50, H&M)

This has to be my favorite look from the film. Mid-length skirts are very trendy for fall, so start wearing ’em now with a simple tank and leather belt. I personally love the idea of pairing it with loafers due to my current obsession with menswear, but plain flats or sneakers (Converse or Keds anyone?) would totally work as well. Throw on a colored cardigan to wear this outfit into autumn.

Cable Sweater Vest ($45, Banana Republic), Bow Tie Chiffon Blouse ($18, Forever 21), Buckle Trouser Jeans ($80, Gap)

Although most of the time, I refuse to wear pants, I’m super into this look. Summer’s outfit is a bit too officey (#madeupwords), but wide legged jeans and a semi-sheer shirt are a great casual alternative. I actually own the vest in the above photograph, and I must say that it was a super practical purchase. With some clogs or chunky heels, this is a perfect outfit to wear to class once October hits.

500 Days of Summer is a film about a girl who doesn’t believe in love and the hopelessly romantic boy who falls for her. So, next time (or the first time?) that you watch it, try to pry your eyes away from the perfection that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and get inspired by Summer’s wardrobe. Also, don’t try to steal JGL. He is mine.